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Bellatorra Skin Care CEO Nathan Halsey Announces Global Expansion Plan

NEW YORK, October 29, 2014 – Nathan Halsey Bellatorra Skin Care CEO has announced the global expansion plan for the new prestige beauty brand’s advanced anti-aging skin care products before an international audience. Primarily targeted on European, Asian, and Australian markets, the program was rolled out when the brand received approval from Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority for distribution of Bellatorra Skin Care products, a stride toward increasing the brand’s retail presence internationally.

“Receiving our first international distribution approval is a critical step in our overall global expansion strategy,”says Nathan Halsey Bellatorra Skin Care, LLC CEO  “Singapore was a natural choice for our first entry into the Asian market because of its consumers’ strong demand for international luxury products and its status as an integral country in the region. We plan to use Singapore as our distribution hub for eventual expansion into Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.”

Bellatorra Skin Care, targeting the luxury female consumer who is knowledgable about skin care, will make its international debut on November 5th with a luxury, three-piece collection of age-defying skincare products. The reveal will feature the brand’s unique Torra48™ time-release ingredient delivery system which includes the brand’s signature Olucanza® Bellasphere technology.

nathan halsey bellatorra CEOAs part of the international expansion, Halsey has made key appointments to the Bellatorra Skin Care international sales team: Anthony Pinho, an industry veteran and the former VP of International Sales for ReVive Skincare, will join Bellatorra Skin Care as Vice President of International Sales. Pinho joins Bellatorra with over 15 years of experience in the global markets. In his new role, Pinho will be responsible for aligning Bellatorra Skin Care with luxury retailers worldwide.

I am proud to join the Bellatorra Skin Care executive team, and to work with such an experienced and insightful group of industry leaders,” says Pinho. “I look forward to growing the brand’s international retail presence and helping Bellatorra on its path to worldwide success.”

About Bellatorra™

Effective ingredients and innovative delivery. At the heart of Bellatorra Skin Care is the Torra48 Delivery System, a time release mechanism that delivers optimal benefits over a 48 hour period. Key anti-aging complexes are encapsulated into Bellaspheres – which are the building blocks of this particle transfer method. The targeted ingredients in these Bellaspheres are able to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin, as they are slowly released over 48 hours. As part of Bellatorra Skin Care’s commitment to ethical practices, the brand does not engage in animal testing and their packaging is manufactured to reduce environmental impact.