Nathan Halsey Bellatorra CEO

Introduces Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Making its debut on November 5th, 2014 Nathan Halsey Bellatorra CEO unveiled its new collection of luxury anti-aging skin care products. The beauty products feature the brand’s unique Torra48™ time-release delivery system. Bellatorra’s products are developed with key ingredient complexes that are encapsulated in the brand’s signature Olucanza® Bellasphere. The Bellaspheres are released over a period of 48 hours, providing greater absorption into the deepest layers of the skin, offering efficient penetration.

Nathan Halsey Bellatorra CEOAfter 5 years of intensive research and development, it is thrilling to see the vision of Bellatorra Skin Care come to fruition” said Bellatorra Skin Care, LLC CEO Nathan Halsey. Halsey went on to say that “We have leveraged our team’s expertise in scientifically formulated skin care products with efficacious ingredients and international brand management to design a line of Advanced Anti-Aging products that inspire radiance and confidence”.

The brand launch revealed a new e-commerce website which highlights the brand’s inaugural three skin care products: Uplifting Activating Mist, Cellular Renewal Complex, Facial Cleanser.

Halsey plans to expand Bellatorra’s collection to include the introduction of an anti-aging eye cream in late 2014 along with additional product launches in 2015. The brand is exploring additional luxury retail partnerships across the globe.

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About Bellatorra: Advanced ingredients and optimal performance. The Torra48™ delivery system, a time-released technology that delivers optimal skin benefits over the course of 48 hours is at the heart of Bellatorra Skin Care. Key anti-aging complexes that that are included in the signature Bellaspheres target the deepest layers of the skin for efficient delivery and maximum penetration. Committed to strong ethical practices, Bellatorra Skin Care does not engage in animal testing and their packaging is manufactured to reduce impact on the environment.