Nathan Halsey Torra48 Pioneer


Bellatorra Signature Torra48™ Ingredient Delivery System

Esteemed beauty brand Bellatorra Skin Care has innovated a new approach to skin care with its patent pending delivery system Torra48™. The system’s exclusive technology allows active ingredients to delve deep into skin, working from within to strengthen the cells while fighting damage inducing environmental elements. Each distinct product contains key ingredient complexes that are encapsulated in the signature Olucanza® Bellaspheres, the building blocks of Torra48™. Once activated, the Bellaspheres detoxify, hydrate, and regenerate the skin’s cells slowly following an application.


Purified, active ingredients in Bellatorra’s complex system replicate the hydrolipidic structure of skin, forming into specialized, bio-compatible nanospheres. The Bellaspheres target the many causes of aging skin at their source.


Nathan Halsey Torra48Our patent pending delivery system Torra48™ was developed with the notion that timing is everything.

The skin is a dynamic organ where cycles work on a 24-hour clock. Balancing with this cycle is significant because it introduces specialized, targeted ingredients at the perfect rate in order to achieve maximum absorption and sustaining power for active benefits. During the process, if ingredients are introduced too quickly, they cannot be fully absorbed by receptor cells resulting in reactive skin. If introduced too slowly, the maximum concentration of beneficial compounds cannot be met.

Bellaspheres, holding the ultimate blend of ingredient complexes, start their travel directly to the source of aging skin. Coordinating with the skin’s natural process, a two-phase cycle occurs. From the first application through the first 24-hours of treatment, maximum absorption is achieved. The highest level of potency is then sustained as the cycle is repeated, providing the highest concentration for maximum skin benefit.


Meet the Bellaspheres:

  • Oluncanza Bellaspheres: Strengthen vital skin functions, boost collagen, minimize the depth of wrinkles, increase cell turnover, and regulate melanin production.
  • Phydrasoya Bellaspheres: Encourage capillary circulation to reduce dark circles and puffiness, firming and repairing tissue, powerful anti-oxidants to protect against environmental damage, provide soothing relief
  • Malacella Bellaspheres: lift and smooth lines, lessen muscle tension to relax wrinkles, fight daily stressors, and shield the skin from free radicals.