Bellatorra Skin Care CEO Nathan Halsey Uncovers Revolutionary Ingredients

Nathan Halsey What Powers Our ProductBellatorra Skin Care, conceived out of Nathan Halsey‘s passion for health and wellness, delivers a complete system of care for the skin. The signature products have been developed with the most renowned ingredients found in the world. With a formulas that are concentrated, and released over a period of time, Bellatorra products work in harmony with the skin’s inherent rhythms for the optimum benefit. Targeting the primary causes of aging at their source, Bellatorra fuses together a collection of botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and sought after plant stem cells to reach the deepest layers of the skin.

Having devoted years of research to developing the most effective products, Nathan Halsey and his team have discovered the path to nutritionally enhanced formulas and supplements. Bellatorra is a complete skin care solution innovated with a firm commitment to discovering the most powerful ingredients. Balancing a selection of active ingredients along with traditional elements, and innovative technology, Bellatorra boasts proven efficacy on the raw ingredients used in our prestige collection. The high-performing ingredients paired with an effective time-released delivery system have introduced an advanced technology in skin care and anti-aging products.

Bellatorra CEO Nathan Halsey Finds That Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything and Bellatorra Skin Care utilizes the exclusive Torra48 time-release delivery system to transport key active ingredients deep into the skin. Perfectly paired ingredients offering the greatest benefit are encapsulated within our unique Bellaspheres, executing their journey alongside the skin’s natural cycle, being absorbed over a 24 hour period of time. This advance in skin care technology, provides sustained release, ensuring the highest concentration of key ingredients is maintained to maximize the skin benefit.

Powerful components found in Bellatorra Skin Care products include olive leaf extracts, prickly pear extracts, Zinc PCA and Vitamin C which promote firmer skin as well as reduction in lines and wrinkles. Complex blends of Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Protein Chyrsin, and Soybean Proteins firm and tighten the skin while increasing circulation. Acmella oleracea extract and malachite extracts also housed in the Bellaspheres lift, tighten, and reduce muscle tension in the skin, combating wrinkles and offering protection against free-radicals.

Groundbreaking formula pairings power Bellatorra Skin Care products such as the Cellular Renewal Complex, Anti-Aging Eye Cream, and The Uplifting Activating Mist. Added benefits include soothing and moisturizing of the skin, hydration, and protection from environmental damage thus, sustaining the power of the products while preventing the bothersome signs of pre-mature aging from reoccurring. Bellatorra Skin Care provides a multi-dimensional solution to obtaining younger, healthier skin.