Nathan Halsey

Nathan Halsey Develops 48-Hours to Perfection

Bellatorra CEO Nathan Halsey Discovers 48-Hours to Skin Care Perfection

ID-10022232Working with a team of scientists, physiologists, and chemists, Bellatorra Skin Care CEO Nathan Halsey has developed a powerful collection of advanced skin care products designed to peak performance using a unique formulation of highly-effective nutriceuticals and supplements. The culmination of intense research and development led Halsey to introduce a line of products that target the root causes of damaged skin while counteracting environmental effects, stressors, and internal processes that lead to increased skin damage.

Launching a complete skin care system, Bellatorra boasts 48-hours to perfect skin, considering that timing in skin care treatment is everything. While not only offering a pairing of the world’s most high-effective natural ingredients, encapsulated in a signature advancement known as the Bellaspheres, Bellatorra delivers these active ingredients through a patent pending technology known as Torra48. Depending upon the exquisite product selected from the prestige beauty brand, the unique micro-capsules may contain pairings of Olive leaf extracts, prickly pair extracts, Zinc PCA, and Vitamin C, rice bran protein, and soybean protein, as found in the Olucanaza® Bellaspheres, or Acmella oleracea extract and Malachite extracts as found in the Malacella Bellaspheres.

Innovated with the skin’s dynamic and natural rhythm in mind, the Torra48 delivery system harmonizes with the skin’s cycle to deliver active ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin at a highly-effective rate allowing for maximum absorption and sustained delivery of active benefits. The end result is a perfect pairing delivered in perfect timing for perfect skin. From the very first application of a Bellatorra Skin Care product that contains the unique Torra48 technology, paired ingredients journey directly to the source of aging skin, synching with the natural rhythm and achieving maximum absorption within the first 24-hours. After an introduction that is not too fast and not too slow but rather, just right… the benefits are then sustained as the cycle is repeated, offering the greatest level of concentration for optimal skin benefit, decelerating the signs of aging skin.

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