Nathan Halsey

Nathan Halsey Introduces Torra48 Time-Release Skin Care

Bellatorra Skin Care CEO Nathan Halsey Introduces Torra48 Delivery System

Nathan Halsey Bellatorra CEO Torra48After 5 years of intensive research and development, Bellatorra Skin Care, LLC CEO Nathan Halsey discovered through nanotechnology, a unique microscopic encapsulation and time-released delivery system that delivers key, active ingredients over a 48-hour period. Providing optimal benefits, the Torra48 delivery technology is 48 hours to perfection because timing is everything; the system was developed with this in mind.

Torra48 harmonizes with the skin’s natural 24-hour clock using specialized ingredients to target precise areas at the right rate in order to achieve maximum absorption while sustaining the delivery of beneficial active ingredients. Because timing is crucial when it comes to gaining the optimal benefit, ingredients must be released at the correct intervals. If ingredients are introduced to rapidly, the maximum concentration of beneficial compounds is difficult to achieve while also causing the skin to respond in a reactive manner. On the other hand, complete absorption of actives by receptor cells cannot be achieved if the ingredients are introduced at a slower rate.

Nathan Halsey Discovers Added Skin Care Benefits Through Torra48

Active ingredients found in Bellatorra’s luxury skin care products are encapsulated within the Bellaspheres which deliver targeted formulas beneath the skin’s surface for maximum absorption. Through the Torra48 time-release system, not only are conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles targeted directly but, the skin receives sustaining nourishment overtime, greatly reducing the unwanted signs of aging. Added benefits of the Torra48 delivery system include increased firmness of the skin, deep hydration, reduced inflammation, and protection against environmental damage and free radicals. Torra48 is perfect timing for perfect skin.

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