7 Signs of AgingYou may wake up one day and find yourself yearning for the skin of your youth. You may recall the days when your skin was baby-soft, your pores were invisible, and it seemed to glow. A simple breakout could be resolved with a fast-acting pimple cream, and scars seemed to disappear with ease. As time progresses, and you move into your late 20s, and 30s, you may notice small changes taking place on the surface of your skin. Nathan Halsey, CEO of Bellatorra Skin Care, Inc. shares the 7 signs of aging skin to look for before it is too late.

The 7 Signs of Aging Skin Revealed

1). Rough Texture-As your skin ages, the texture may change, appearing more rough than in your younger days. When applying cosmetics, you may notice additional contour, the result of breakouts and irritation. Your skin may not be as soft as supple, causing the pores to be more noticeable following cosmetic applications such as foundation or pressed powder.
2). Dry Skin-The rough texture of your skin may be caused by dry skin. As collagen in your skin decreases with age, the skin begins to lack moisture and lose elasticity. Skin that is not frequently moisturized will result in dry patches. Dry patches can worsen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the surface of the skin. Dry skin is often the result of overexposure to environmental stressors and Ultraviolet rays.
3). Large Pores-Another tell-tale sign that your skin is aging is the appearance of enlarged pores. Large pores are the result of oil glands in the skin overproducing substances sebum. With the pores clogged, oil cannot be distributed properly, causing a back up.
4). Lines and Wrinkles-Two of most obvious of the 7 signs of aging are lines and wrinkles. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear around the eyes and mouth due to decreased moisture, loss of collagen and elastin, an exposure to harmful UV light. Lines and wrinkles are tough to combat and often begin forming deep beneath the surface of the skin.

More Signs of Aging from Nathan Halsey…innovator of  Malacella bellaspheres, Olucanza bellaspheres

5). Sagging Skin-The appearance of jowls and droopy eyelids indicate that you may be experience one of the 7 signs of aging. Loss of fat and muscle tone beneath the skin causes the delicate areas around the eyes to sag and the skin around the mouth to hang.

6). Dull Appearance-If you notice that your skin is lacking luster, you may have dull skin, another sign of aging that sets in as the skin loses moisture.

7). Age spots-Age spots and dark patches appear on the surface of the skin for various reasons including increased melanin production, exposure to UV rays, and because of scarring due to breakouts. Age spots are tough to combat as the skin’s ability to heal and fade from exposure lessens over time.

Bellatorra CEO Nathan Halsey Introduces Bellatorra Skin Care, Complete Anti-Aging Luxury

Now that you have learned about the 7 signs of aging, it is time to start thinking about your skin care routine and what you can do to ward of these telling signs. Anti-aging skin care has come a long way and Nathan Halsey has developed a way to target these 7 signs and more with a unique luxury skin care system known as Bellatorra.

Bellatorra, through a patent-pending delivery system Torra48, delivers key anti-aging ingredients into the skin cells. Purified, natural ingredients found to treat fine lines, wrinkles, inflammation, and dehydrated skin are formulated into unique complexes, encapsulated inside of micro-capsules called bellaspheres. Through the delivery system, bellaspheres are targeted to treat the causes of aging at the source, while sustaining treatment over the course of 48-hours for maximum benefit.

Olucanza and Malacella Bellaspheres

Once the signs of aging have set in, a longterm skin care routine must be in place to maintain the longevity of your treatments. Nathan Halsey realized that aging skin must be treated at the cellular level, and Bellatorra does just this. From the Uplifting Activating Mist that contains the unique Malacella bellaspheres to the Cellular Renewal Complex Moisturizer that includes the Olucanza Bellaspheres, Nathan Halsey and his team have developed a luxurious system that will nourish the skin while helping you achieve long-lasting youthful results.