Treating Frown Lines and Crow’s Feet with Bellatorra

Treating Frown Lines and Crow's FeetFrown lines and crow’s feet are just a few signs of aging that appear on the skin but, are often unwanted. There are several different options available for treating frown lines and crow’s feet. The area around the eyes is sensitive but able to tolerate various treatments. Botox and topical retinoids are options that are available. While others opt for face lifts, and plastic surgery to restore a youthful appearance, Bellatorra Skin Care has innovated a luxury collection of anti-aging products designed to help with treating frown lines and crow’s feet as well as the other signs of aging.

Developed by Bellatorra CEO Nathan Halsey, the exclusive product line consists of 4 unique products that are formulated to treat the signs of aging and prevent damage. Damage to the skin may occur from internal and external stressors that weaken the skin’s defenses against free-radicals and other toxins. The natural effects of aging such as decreased collagen and elastin production can be restored with the advanced skin care science from Bellatorra.

Following several years of focused research, Nathan Halsey not only uncovered the most effective products in treating frown lines and crow’s feet, but he found the most powerful ingredients that are capable of diminishing wrinkles, firming the skin, and rejuvenating the complexion.

Time-Released Skin Care Science for Treating Frown Lines and Crow’s Feet

Treating frown lines and wrinkles is now easier and pain-free with the unique 48-hour delivery system created by Nathan Halsey, Torra48. Torra48 delivers potent key ingredients into the skin cells at the perfect rate.

The Ingredients Prickly Pear Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Zinc PCA, and Vitamin C are found within the Olucanza bellasphere complex, a skin care science innovated by Nathan Halsey that breaks down through the Torra48 delivery system, nourishing skin cells over the course of 48-hours. The Olucanza bellasphere complex is the proprietary blend found in the Bellatorra Cellular Renewal Complex, an advanced skin care moisturizer.

Acmella oleracea and Malachite Extract are ingredients found within the Malacella bellaspheres, a complex developed to firm the skin and reduce muscle tension, providing an alternative to Botox injections. The Malacella bellasphere complex is also delivered through the Torra48 delivery system. Ingredients found in Malacella help to block out future damage from environmental stressors.

The Olucanza and Malacella bellasphere complexes are just two of the many innovations delivered by Bellatorra Skin Care that are effective in treating frown lines and crow’s feet while provided added benefits. While treating frown lines and crow’s feet, users can experience softer skin, improved tone, and increased cell turnover. Bellatorra was formulated to nourish the skin from the inside out and while Botox may provide a quick fix for lines and crow’s feet, Bellatorra’s luxury collection will provide long-term benefits for younger looking skin.