skin care secrets, revealing true beauty

skin care secretsAchieving flawless skin may seem impossible however, with the right formula it is possible that you can obtain noticeable results. While exploring skin care secrets, it may become evident that there is not a single ingredient that can do absolutely everything you desire. The skin is a complex organ and because of this, scientists have found ways to approach anti-aging skin care from a multi-dimensional perspective.

The importance of skin care dates back centuries. Ancient Egyptians bathed in milk and honey and other civilizations used herbs and fruits to treat various health conditions. Anti-aging to a large degree, has always been a part of civilization and as long as it continues to be, people will continue to search for skin care secrets that will help them look youthful.

Many ingredients that promise younger skin already exist in nature. Vitamins and minerals that are consumed through foods are responsible for maintaining the skin’s function. In addition to consuming the right foods, getting and getting a good night’s sleep, staying well-hydrated will significantly improve the appearance of the skin.

Vitamins skin care secrets revealed

Vitamins A, K, C, and E are all important skin care secrets essential to not only the skin but the body’s health overall. These vitamins are found in fruits, vegetables, nut and even botanical extracts. While the vitamins may be consumed, they can also be applied topically when formulated with other ingredients.

The loss of Collagen and Elastin are responsible for the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin. While these protein building blocks are already part of the body, their function begins to slow down over time. Collagen and Elastin production can be stimulated which is why it is important to have a regular skin care regimen that promotes their restorative functions.

The skin works double-time during the evening to repair itself from daily stress. It is best to apply targeted treatments in the evening along with a moisturizer. Applying targeted treatments for the eyes, uplifting, and wrinkles helps to promote cell turnover while the body is at rest. Applying a moisturizer will seal in the product and ensure that the treatments is able to penetrate the skin efficiently.