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luxury skin care companies-trends and solutions

luxury-skincare-companiesThere are many luxury skincare companies that promise to deliver unbelievable results. Unfortunately, many fail to deliver. The truth is, proper skin care requires more than just a quick-fix solution. Achieving beautiful skin is not just about following the latest trends, it is about finding a solution that is formulated especially for you.

What many luxury skincare companies do not realize is that there is no one size-fits-all solution to younger skin. Rejuvenating mature skin is not just about what is on the surface, but what is taking place beneath many different layers. Lifestyle, the foods you consume, and your overall health can greatly impact how quickly the signs of aging appear. Fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots are just a few signs of aging that give clues into how not only the skin, but the body has been cared for.

Bellatorra-luxury skincare companies and a new approach to anti-aging

Bellatorra, a brand that takes a holistic approach to anti-aging, considers instrinsic and extrinsic causes of aging. Many luxury skincare companies sell products that only provide a temporary solution to lines and wrinkles. Have you ever used a wrinkle filler or eye-lifting serum and find that just a few moments after application, there has been little change? Nathan Halsey formulated Bellatorra to provide a long-term solution to reversing the appearance of aging skin and preventing future damage. Not only will you experience visible results with Bellatorra, but you will notice long-lasting change.

What makes Bellatorra different from other luxury anti-aging skin care collections? Torra48 and Bellaspheres. Torra48 is a 48-hour time-released delivery system innovated by Nathan Halsey. The system delivers potent ingredients into the skin. The ingredients are encapsulated inside of Bellaspheres, a nano-science technology that enables the smallest particles to penetrate the skin more efficiently. Torra48 slowly releases the ingredients inside of the Bellaspheres, sustaining benefits until the skin cycle re-starts.

Another element that sets Bellatorra apart from other luxury skin care brands is “formula”. All skin care products, including anti-aging products must be well-formulated with the right ingredients to deliver visible results. After many years of research Nathan Halsey and his team of scientists uncovered natural ingredients that are effective in treating the signs of aging. Bellatorra is essentially the perfect blend of natural skin care, tradition, and advanced technology.

Delivering targeted treatments, Bellatorra’s luxury line consists of a full collection of anti-aging skin care products designed to rejuvenate your skin. For daily cleansing, the Exfoliation Facial Cleanser is a great option to remove dirt and debris while restoring the skin’s natural balance. If you are in need of a powerful moisturizer that does not irritate the skin, The Cellular Renewal Complex with Olucanza Bellaspheres is one effective option.

Olucanza contains Vitamin C, Zinc PCA, Prickly Pear Extract, and Olive Leaf Extract. These natural ingredients have been found to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation while also diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Should you need an additional lift to your skin, The Cellular Renewal Complex with Olucanza Bellaspheres can be used along with the Uplifting Mist with Malacella Bellaspheres.

The Uplifting Mist is a natural alternative to Botox, one that can be applied in the comfort of your home, minus the needles. The Uplifting Mist firms and relaxes lines caused by repetitive facial expressions. The Malacella Bellaspheres are formulated with Acmella oleracea and Malachite Extract. The ingredients lift, firm, and detox the skin from environmental pollutants.

While on your journey to younger looking skin, remember to find products that work from within where aging skin begins. Look for products that are formulated with the key ingredients needed to address your area of concern. Bellatorra allows you to enjoy the benefits of select natural ingredients, carefully chosen for each unique product. Beautiful skin is definitely in and it is never to late to get started on your journey to younger-looking skin.

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