Skin Care for 50 Year Olds

skin care 50 year oldsThe skin at age 50 is different than it was at age 30 and even at age 40, but that doesn’t mean you cannot keep people guessing. The latest breakthroughs in anti-aging science has changed skin care for 50 year olds and beyond. Younger skin does not have to remain a part of your past, you can continue to look radiant and youthful as long as you are treating your skin with TLC.

Mature skin faces several challenges due to hormonal changes, lifestyle, and environmental stressors. Diet, stress, and medications can also impact how fast or slowly the skin ages. Spending extended amount of time, in the sun may damage the skin well beneath the layers. Aging alone is an inevitable part of life, but there is nothing to say that you must look your age. You can look as young as you feel by taking a few measures to reverse and prevent damage.

As the CEO of Bellatorra, Nathan Halsey has innovated a ground-breaking anti-aging collection formulated to target the causes of aging, treat the signs, and prevent further damage caused by a number of factors.

Skin care for 50 year olds, top signs of aging

When considering skin care for 50 year olds, some of the signs that come to mind may include: fine or deepening lines, wrinkles, a sagging jawline, crow’s feet, the 11’s on the forehead, under-eye circles, puffiness, frown lines and smile lines.  Nathan Halsey discovered that aging begins beneath the surface of the skin and potent ingredients, in order to be effective must be delivered in the right concentration and at the right rate.

Having innovated the Torra48, 48-hour delivery system and the Bellaspheres Complex, Nathan Halsey combined natural ingredients, botanicals extracts, vitamins and traditional anti-aging ingredients into the time-released nano-sphere technology. Bellatorra’s complete collection rejuvenates the skin naturally, without the use of dermal fillers, chemical peels, or surgical lifts while providing unprecedented results.

Regardless of your rejuvenation goals, skin care for 50 year olds is growing due to revolutionary advances such as those innovated by Nathan Halsey and there is plenty to be excited about. With the latest innovations in anti-aging skin care, your age can now be one of your best kept secrets.