Top Anti-Aging Ingredients

anti-aging ingredientsNathan Halsey Dallas Skin Care Researcher of Bellatorra, along with his team of scientists found a way to reverse the signs of aging using a combination of natural anti-aging remedies, top anti-aging ingredients, and technology. Through his study of nutraceuticals, Nathan discovered that how the skin cells behave could be changed when introducing selected ingredients at the right rate.

Premature aging is the result of a combination of factors that range from both internal to external. Environmental stressors, free radical damage, diet, hormones, and lifestyle may all contribute to how quickly or how slowly the skin ages. Nathan Halsey Dallas Skin Care Researcher , through the research and development of Bellatorra discovered a way to address the many signs of aging regardless of the cause. Top anti-aging ingredients often touted in magazines and commercials can be effective, but there is likely no one-dimensional solution to aging skin. Perfect skin requires a combination of ingredients formulated to work in harmony to produce the most favorable results.

Look Younger with these top anti-aging ingredients

Nathan Halsey Dallas Skin Care Researcher found the benefits of natural ingredients and combined them with a 48-hour time-released delivery system, Torra48. The ingredient combinations delivered through Torra48 are combined within a nanosphere technology also developed by Nathan called the Bellapheres Complex. Below are some of the top anti-aging ingredients that you can expect to enjoy when using Bellatorra’s luxury anti-aging collection.

Vitamin C. Vitamin C is helpful in reducing hyperpigmentation, warding off free-radical damage and boosting collagen. Vitamin C refreshes the skin and gives it a brighter appearance. The vitamin is a potent ingredient and must be stabilized as not to irritate the skin. When used in skin care products, it provides deep hydrating moisture and long-lasting nourishment.

Organic Aloe Vera Juice. Aloe Vera provides healing relief for a number of skin conditions. In anti-aging skin care, Aloe is responsible for providing hydration, soothing the skin, diminishing lines and wrinkles, and repairing damage.

Retinol. Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a potent ingredient that is strong enough to cause the skin to be reactive to the sun. Retinol is a less irritating form of the ingredient but it is still very potent. Retinol is used to reduce lines and wrinkles, correct an uneven complexion and restore the skin.

Plant Stem Cells. Plant stem cell technology is big in anti-aging skin care because when introduced into the layers, stem cells have been found to encourage the cells to behave as if they are brand new. Through the use of plant stem cells, the skin is able to increase cell-turnover and be rejuvenated naturally.

Additional ingredients such as Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, and AHAs are also important for the maintenance of youthful skin. One of the main causes of aging skin is the loss of Collagen that happens as a person matures. Ingredients that boost collagen are a must and should be used daily for optimal results.