Nathan Halsey, the CEO of YuShop Global,  has launched a China Cross-Border E-Commerce Marketplace

6SixtyMadison is the premier E-Commerce Platform Built Inside WeChat. Dallas, Texas —  Nathan Halsey and YuShop Global  announced today that they have  launched 6SixtyMadison, the world’s first China Cross-Border marketplace application built entirely inside WeChat.

Nathan Halsey

Nathan Halsey MrWebsmithNathan is known as the founder of Bellatorra SkinCare, but before the launch of this Barney’s brand he was the CEO of Bonamour SkinCare. This skincare company was popular throughout Asia. The experience in that market enabled Nathan to create a system for other small and mid-sized companies to enter that marketplace. Read More about this at MrWebsmith. Click here for the article

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