Nathan W. Halsey

Bellatorra CEO Nathan W. Halsey hails from Corpus Christi, Texas where he graduated from Mary Carroll High School in 1994. Nathan studied business and received his Bachelor of Business Arts in Finance in 1998 from the well-known Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

Nathan w halsey

Nathan w halsey

As a young entreprenuer, Nathan spent two years working in an Executive Management Training program with world renowned telecommunications leader Ericsson, a division of Telefonakietbolaget LM Ericsson. Once Nathan graduated from Ericsson’s Executive Leadership Program, he began working with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. Focused on the Customer Relations Management (CRM) segment within the Telecommunications and Technology group, Nathan was responsible for growing the company’s top line sales.

Chasing after his true passion of entrepreneurship, Nathan Halsey opened his own investment company, a boutique firm based in Dallas, Texas. From 2003-2008, Nathan oversaw the investment and management of the multi-millions into real estate, energy, and start-up companies. In 2009, Nathan launched an international skin care company. His business manufactured product and focused heavily on R&D of luxury skin care products produced in the United States and distributed through Southeast Asia.

Nathan discovered a new advancement in skin care ingredients in 2013 and isolated this technology, using as the core component in founding Bellatorra Skin Care. Today, Nathan Halsey is the CEO of Bellatorra Skin Care, LLC where he directs daily operations and implements the company’s long and short-term strategies.

Nathan Halsey has been married to his wife Kristin for 10 years and together, they have 3 children, Jensen age 8, Hudson, 7, and Preston, 5. Nathan and his wife are the founders of Beyond Me, a philanthropic non-profit organization that is centered on children in need. Nathan is an avid car enthusiast who also enjoys traveling the world, and cross-training. In addition to his growing business and charitable contributions, Nathan also serves as President of the Dallas Police Association, the only non-profit that supports the Dallas Police Department.