CEO Nathan Halsey’s Bellatorra Luxury Skin Care Line Featured in New You Magazine

NewYouMagazineNew You Magazine: The Voice of Health and Beauty is currently featuring an editorial on CEO Nathan Halsey‘s Bellatorra luxury skin care line. The line, which was developed after 5 years of intense research and development is featured inside of the Beauty Beat section. Recognized for its revolution in skin care science, Bellatorra delivers unique anti-aging product solutions designed to penetrate the skin using an innovative technology known as Torra48 along with the brand’s signature Bellaspheres complex.

Nathan Halsey’s Bellatorra skin care system introduced a line of four distinct products including the Uplifting Activating Mist, a friendly alternative to Botox that reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Bellatorra also rolled out a targeted Anti-Aging Eye Cream designed to target dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines surrounding the delicate skin around the eyes. Besides the Anti-Aging Eye Cream, the magazine featured Bellatorra’s Cellular Renewal Complex, an advanced moisturizer that protects, nourishes, and reverses environmental damage. In addition, the editorial revealed the prestige brand’s Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser, a citrus-infused complex formulated to smooth, hydrate, and refine the skin while preserving its natural balance.

Bellatorra’s Cellular Renewal Complex Moisturizer includes the Olucanza Bellaspheres, a combination of Olive Leaf Extract Prickly Pear, Vitamin C and Zinc PCA formulated to diminish wrinkles aNathan_Halsey's_Bellatorra_Luxury_Skin_Care_in_New_You_Magazinend prevent damage. The complex delivers nutrients using the Torra48 time-release system that targets the sources of aging from within the skin over a 48-hour period of time with additional benefits.

The Uplifting Activating Mist plumps and firms the skin with Malacella Bellaspheres, a complex of Acmella oleracea extract and Malachite extract formulated to block environmental stressors while reducing muscular tension.

Explore the newest advancement in anti-aging; learn more about Nathan Halsey’s Bellatorra luxury skin care inside of New You Magazine: The Voice of Health & Beauty. Look for Bellatorra’s fine product offerings featured in the Beauty Beat Section of New You Magazine’s Spring Collector’s Edition, now available.