Winter Skin Care Tips Nathan HalseyChapped, dry, and flaky skin are just a few of the signs that indicate winter has arrived. Along with changing temperatures both indoors and outside, environmental stressors that appear during the winter months require some modifications to your skin care regimen. Although, when it comes to protecting the skin from harsh environments, many consider the damaging effects of UV-rays and overexposure to the the sun as relating to the warmer seasons. Frigid temperatures and drying heat from indoor sources can actually breakdown the skin’s protective qualities; the skin must be cared for year-round. In order to maintain healthy skin during the coldest season of year, a few simple adjustments can be made to your skin care routine. Explore a few winter skin care tips from Nathan Halsey to consider when developing your cold weather regimen.

Cold Weather Skin Care Suggestions-Nathan Halsey

Depending on your skin type and the inevitable environmental changes that it will be exposed to, finding the right products that add hydration and moisture are essential in maintaining the skins elasticity, preventing drying and cracking. It is very important that moisture be locked into the skin in order to consistently protect the skin from unwanted changes, deep lines, and harsh wrinkles. When searching new products to fill your skin care arsenal, look for oil-based moisturizers and hydrating creams. The idea is to create a barrier for the skin, shielding it from harsh weather and irritation.

The Bellatorra Cellular Renewal Complex introduced by Nathan Halsey is a great winter skin care product that promotes continuous hydration while providing moisture and protection from the environment. When shopping for skin care products to used to treat dry skin, it is a good idea to select an option that provides natural ingredients, essential oils, and vitamins. Many of these ingredients can be found within fruit and plant extracts. The Cellular Renewal Complex nourishes the skin with ingredients such as Argania spinosa, a plant that through its seeds deliver Argan oil which contains Vitamin E. The product also contains cacao seed butter, a natural ingredient know for soothing and protecting, and retaining moisture within the skin.

During the winter months it is best to avoid harsh products that strip the skins’s cells. Look for gentle exfoliating cleansers and moisturizers that work naturally with your skin’s cellular process. Although the sun may not seem as strong during this time of the year, it is important to keep in mind products that still offer a high level of UV protection in addition to the essentials aforementioned. Evaluating your winter skin care regimen and making adjustments where necessary can help to improve the appearance of your skin while discouraging unsightly damage and unwelcome irritation.